Love is when two people touch each other’s soul, reaching each other dreams together

Boracay Wedding Photo

I don’t want to spoil this article for the purple wedding I saw in Game of Thrones – that was the most devastating wedding scene I ever seen (I am not going to elaborate it further). As the photo shoots gives a very open and great feeling for the whole wedding and the natural backdrop of the ocean makes us swoon.

But don’t you know WHAT! Choosing purple for wedding theme has the most beautiful meaning – which really suit for your precious grand wedding.

In color Psychology, purple or violet means “imagination and spirituality.” So, guys don’t misinterpret “Purple or Violet” because it stimulates imagination and inspires great ideals that allow us to get in touch with our deepest thoughts. The color contains energy as well as strength. This color is compatible for couple that seek life and spiritual fulfillment – that made AJ and Audrey one of the free-spirited couple

AJ & Audrey 1

The eye is the window of our soul and this two define what life happiness all about. This also makes the photos look so great, where they show playfulness at the same time a ”unique” couple you could imagine.

AJ & Audrey 2

This inspires unconditional and selfless love – which is now rare for couples. AJ and Audrey might not be perfect in so many ways but the harmony of these images will boost their minds and emotions. Most of the time a good memories contribute to mental balance and stability.

AJ & Audrey 3

Boracay Wedding Photo

Also, a wedding cannot be completed without its best backdrop. So I salute to AJ and Audrey for choosing the Island of Boracay as their wedding venue. Boracay has lots of good memories to offer, not just of its white sand and clear ocean, but also its entire elements where you cannot feel the presence in other Island in the Philippines.  It is a place where you may call “small paradise.”

AJ & Audrey 7AJ & Audrey 6

AJ and Audrey’s great wedding in Boracay is stunning, it seems both of them planned it well. There is no space for dull moments either (and I’m loving it!). The bride’s dress looks so simple, yet quite charming. How much more in the eyes of her half! 🙂

AJ & Audrey 8