Getting married is not a come and go “thingy.” Marriage is sacred, especially for Filipino culture. It is a commandment where people should do RIGHT! People have desire to settle with someone they can grow old with. To hold with that, such thing should need a WEDDING PLAN – a lifetime guarantee plan to spend the rest of your life with the one you love.

Chia and Elle

Now, here’s the big picture about wedding. It often carries a “magic” – a magical aura and allure. Women on the other hand expect their prince charming – which transcend the imagination aspect to form a ceremony – a valuable ceremony for a lifetime commitment.

However, making precise organization for an event; executing a plan maybe a difficult task. But not anymore as several professionals these days offered quality services. Professionals with the likes of wedding planner and wedding photographer could have comprehended – a task of which can capture a sacred moments in the lives of the bride and groom.

For professionals there could be more fulfilling once the job is appreciated – as it has been proven by Joel Juliano of Boracay wedding photography. Joel, somehow find the task difficult and hectic, nevertheless he has a certain tips for wedding photography that make his job easier and fulfilling.

Know what couple wants

Asking or knowing a stage is an extremely crucial component of a wedding photography. Who knows – that couple might be not approachable enough or you have to encounter a soon-to-be bride complains here and there. Nothing is so discouraging like having to listen with the bitter complains. Good thing, the couple is cooperative!

Chia and Elle

Why Utilize a Longer Shooting Lenses?

This maybe some underrated tips for wedding photographers. And actually some couples are not comfortable with the presence of photographers during wedding. Such case, the opting for longer lenses can be heaven sent – which will keep a distance from them and do the job.

Chia and Elle


Stickler for Details

I guess, it’s the common mistakes of photographers. Mind you, isn’t it sometimes hard to follow instructions, is it? Well, the heart shape is sort of a vitamin.


Venue and Landscape Shots complete the “Magic”

Venue plays an important role for the couple’s wedding. Location is always appreciated the advantage especially when it captures the beauty – providing a good shots which can be the most excellent way to treasure the wedding moments.